Finished my current wip & Nano.

Over the weekend I finished my wip.  The story I finished has been a work in progress for the past year. It’s nice to finally have it done. It’s nice to say IT’S DONE. I pushed through this story even through our fights and high points. I thought I might be over the story by the time I got done writing it, but I’m not. I am looking forward to continuing this journey with this story.

I see a lot of talk in a couple writing Facebook groups in regards to Nano coming up. Part of me wants to take part but another part is unsure if I want to since I never finish the challenge before. It’s an excellent challenge for your writing word count and creativity.

In the past, I started off strong and about half way through I start falling off.  I’ve tried different things such as writing daily during Nano or revising other stories during November. The last couple weeks I have been plotting an old idea that i have and want to start writing. I thought about using that project for Nano this year since I have so much already planned out on the story. I still have a month to continue the research in the parts that need research.

Some other ideas that I have thought about doing:

Revising my current wip that I just finished
Short stories
Daily flash fiction

I still have a month to decide what I want to do or if I want to take part in Nano.  Are you taking part in Nano? Have you done so in the past? Do you find it challenging?