About Me


My name is Katie. I live in Pismo Beach, CA. I work full time as a receptionist at a medical office. 35. Oldest of four. I am an aunt to a niece named Abby(10m) and nephew named Conor (3). I’ve lived in Boson and LA for a year. I’ve been to Ireland and hope to go to more countries. My favorite cities are Boston, New Orleans, and San Francisco. I have been writing longer than I have been reading. Recently I got into hiking and planners.  I also live with my adopted cat Charlie. I’ve had him for two years now.



Reading: Devil in the White City by Erick Larson

Watching: Twin Peaks Season 2
Listening to:
Favorite Hike: Islay Hill









rating system

It was okay.

I finished the book but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

I enjoyed it, but there is something missing. I might recommend it depending on the person.

This was a great book. Still missing a little something, but loveable characters and a plot that kept me interested.

Fantastic read. It had everything. Loveable characters, a plot that kept me interested. I couldn’t put it down. Would highly recommend.